Embrace the power of colour with Schwarzkopf LIVE

Beauty 8 Feb 2022
Schwarzkopf LIVE

It’s no secret in Henkel Beauty Care that when it comes to home colour, UK women love trying out bold shades. And it’s no exaggeration to say that Schwarzkopf LIVE has driven the trend. Already popular pre-pandemic, in 2020, the brand shot from number three in the market to number one within the first half of the year.

The 2022 campaign takes Schwarzkopf LIVE’s already diverse and inclusive approach to a whole new level. Launching on 7 February, a new TV advert will get the year off to an upbeat start, with strong messaging around embracing the power of colour and bold, fearless women letting their true colours shine.

The advert, which will be shown on Channel 4, ITV and Sky, amplified by a strong, ongoing programme of Instagram and TikTok content.

LIVE campaign - Thumbnail

True to its values, the marketing team didn’t ‘cast’ the advert but has created a diverse group of ambassadors, who embrace the brand on screen and off. The advert includes Olympic silver medal weightlifter Emily Campbell, who caught the team’s attention when she used Schwarzkopf LIVE to dye her hair blue and red the night before her medal-winning competition.

Lolly Streek is a 52-year-old and partially sighted model and businesswoman, showing the increasingly popular move to let natural silver shine (with a little help from Schwarzkopf).

Skye Lukowski-Standley has Polish and St Lucian roots and, in our ad, she experimented with LIVE Colour + Lift Tangerine Twist. She says: “My hair has always meant so much to me and said so much about me - from fighting to keep my natural texture in a predominantly white school, to experimenting with bright colours and styles as an act of continuous resistance, pride and self-expression when I didn’t have any other ways to do so. Colouring my hair has always brought me an opportunity to reset, thrive, be more fearless, discover more about myself, be more confident and be unapologetically ME!!”

These three are joined by Charlotte Hole, who has been the brand’s lead ambassador for seven years, and social media influencers Myla and Mia.

Ana Faria, Brand Manager, explains that Schwarzkopf LIVE is going strong on what consumers tell the team they want to see and hear: “We recognise that vibrant colour affects mood, emotions and behaviour; it has become an expression of personality and freedom. And when they see that reflected in marketing and advertising, it really speaks to them. They feel part of a movement.”



known to the world as Pradaolic, 20-year-old TikToker and Instagram influencer Myla likes to experiment with coloured wigs, which she pairs with bright makeup. Myla is the first woman with 4c hair texture to feature in LIVE TV adverts.


he first British woman to win an Olympic silver medal in weightlifting (Tokyo 2020), Emily did it in style by colouring her hair blue and red the night before competing, truly tapping into the #PowerOfColour.


52-year-old model and businesswoman, Lolly’s career skyrocketed once she accepted her greys! Lolly is active in challenging the stereotypes of being disabled, partially sighted, or having silver hair.


with Polish and St Lucian roots, she loves experimenting with colour as resistance and self-expression.


Up-and-coming Gen Z model Mia started experimenting with hair colour during lockdown. In the ad, Mia, the epitome of Gen Z’s confidence and style, is rocking a TikTok hairstyle – the chunky money piece.


Schwarzkopf creator for seven years, hair colour chameleon and face of LIVE colour packs, Charlotte continues to champion colour as a source of well-being and self-love.


Inclusion is a vital part of Henkel beauty care’s mission in the UK, where diverse audiences are more and more often choosing only to buy products that reflect who they are in marketing and advertising campaigns. Laura Watson, Marketing Manager Power Brands, says: “Schwarzkopf LIVE has reached its No.1 position by being true to its messages of empowerment and expression. The team has done that by going beyond ‘casting’ to create an energetic, creative group of women who are ambassadors for the brand on screen and off, and with messaging that resonates as authentic.”

Watch this space for news on LIVE’s sustainability progress and extended group of ambassadors later in the year.