Sustainability Adhesive Technologies

The world is facing enormous challenges. We see it as our responsibility to contribute to solving these challenges by enabling sustainability through material science and scientific know-how in bonding, sealing and coating. Based on our deep understanding of the trends and challenges in the industries of our customers and consumers, we have identified three focus topics where we can make the biggest impact with our solutions: Climate, Circularity, and Safety.

We aim to make progress across our value chain by driving systemic change through our Products and Partnerships.


paper straws

Products and technologies are at the heart of everything we do. We create more value for our customers and consumers by constantly innovating to offer better performance with a reduced ecological footprint. To further accelerate our contributions to sustainability, we aim to holistically transform our portfolio. Thus, we have developed an internal assessment methodology to create transparency on the sustainability performance of our product portfolio.


Direct-C LTD technicians implementing innovative applications

Partnerships play a decisive role in driving sustainability in our value chain and beyond. We help our customers and consumers to reduce their ecological footprint and to use resources responsibly. We work together with our suppliers to promote sustainable practice and respect for human rights, and we cooperate with partners to share knowledge and drive systemic solutions forward together. 

Our Commitments & Positions

Henkel is committed to entering in dialog with others who dedicated to respecting diversity of opinion and constructive exchange of ideas. We take an active part in important socio-political debates, by taking a closer look at selected topical issues. The following examples illustrate relevant positions for our Adhesive Technologies business.