Loctite Roadshow

Seeing is Believing Tour: Loctite’s products put to the test for customers and consumers

Industrial Adhesives 17 Sep 2019
A white Mitsubishi SUV branded with 'The Loctite Roadshow' logo standing on a parking lot


The power of Loctite adhesives is being demonstrated during a ‘Seeing is Believing’ tour, travelling across the UK.

The roadshow, which started at Homebase stores, has now expanded to include B&Q stores up and down the country. Henkel experts give demonstrations and expert advice to consumers and employees on how to use Loctite super glues and the new Loctite EXTREME product range.

Experiments at the roadshow demonstrated the speed and strength of bonding that Loctite delivers. This included driving a truck over wood that has been bonded together with Loctite EXTREME and allowed to dry for just five minutes Loctite Extreme tape was used to pull the Loctite truck, demonstrating the power of the new range, which will launch in October 2019. The range includes Extreme tape in black and silver, all-purpose glues, an Epoxy and wood glue. Its aim is to provide one simple range for all repair needs.

Leading the ‘Seeing is Believing’ tour are Paul Barney, Technical Customer Services, David Condliffe, Senior Technical Customer Services Engineer and Andrew Forrest Technical Customer Services Advisor, who together have 75 years combined Loctite experience and knowledge.

Sonya Gonzalez Mier, Senior Brand Manager, said: “I am extremely pleased how well the roadshow is going. We have amazing products; awe inspiring demonstrations and the success of the tour is helped by the excellent team spirit of all those involved – so a big thank you from me.”