17 Oct 2019

The players discuss how they mix up their lifestyles off the pitch

Manchester City Women: ‘Up Close and Personal’.

Entitled ‘Up Close and Personal’, the panel was moderated by television presenter Jacqui Oatley, who spoke to players Ellen White, Janine Beckie and Aoife Mannion about their lives on and off the pitch, discussing the importance of having a passion away from a profession. The ultimate goal of the discussion was to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and try something new.

The video clip shows Aoife detailing how she recently attempted open water swimming – an activity she says “was harder than most football sessions”. While Janine talks about her passion for interior design, revealing she spends her time off the pitch watching HGTV and house renovation shows. Finally, Ellen discusses her love of German football, showcasing how people can intertwine their profession with their passion.

When looking at the nation’s hobbies, a survey commissioned by DYLON Colour Catcher, the UK’s number one laundry sheet, revealed that we are a bunch of book worms with reading named as the UK’s number one hobby [57%], followed by travelling [41%] and gardening [37%].

DYLON Colour Catcher’s Marketing Director, Nikki Vadera commented: “We are thrilled to have partnered with Manchester City Women to bring you this panel discussion. Hobbies are a brilliant way to get away from the hustle-and-bustle and do something that you really love. It’s encouraging to see that people in the UK are mixing up their lifestyles with their passions.”

Gavin Makel, Head of Women’s Football at Manchester City said: “The panel discussion has been an engaging way to kick off our partnership with Colour Catcher. Like our players, we can see that the nation has a plethora of passions including football, which for us, is the biggest of them all.”

Top tips for trying to find a hobby

  • Make a list of everything that even remotely interests you, then try out the ones that stand out
  • Build on your current interests
  • Remember what you loved doing as a child and revisit it
  • Start trying various activities available within your budget and area and see what you enjoy
  • Find a friend who is interested in the same activity as it can make things less intimidating

Manchester City Women ‘Up Close and Personal’