Colour Catcher

Colour Catcher is the No.1* laundry sheet in the UK & IRE, for colour protection when washing a mixed load.

Colour Catcher uses its revolutionary ­anti-transfer technology to help save time, money and water and make life easier, by allowing mixed colour wash loads and reducing the need to sort laundry.

Colour Catcher Complete Action is our best ever protection against colour run accidents.

Each Sheet works to:

  • Prevent Colour Run Accidents
  • Allow Mixed Washes
  • Protect Colour Brightness
  • Prevent Greying
  • Prevent Dirt Residuals to Redeposit
  • Effective at All Temperatures
  • The Proof is on the Sheet!

Choose from:

  • Colour Catcher
  • Colour Catcher Fabric Care range
  • Colour Catcher+ Hygienic Cleanliness
  • Colour Catcher Washing Machine Cleaner

Our sheets and packaging are now 100% recyclable and biodegradable, once you’ve finished just pop it in the recycling.

Information & Services

This brand is available in the UK and Ireland