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Henkel products and technologies are available worldwide. With employees from 125 nations and offices in 79 countries, we have endless global career opportunities to offer.

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Great results come from a culture of trust, fun and team spirit. That’s why we encourage team events, promote ideas to connect and foster a sense of belonging all around the globe. Our aim is to create the best setting for the careers of the future.

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We hold leading positions in both industrial and consumer businesses thanks to our strong brands, innovations and technologies. Take the chance to fully explore these different perspectives by changing your area of responsibility, or even your industry, every two to three years.

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Whether it’s marketing, sales, controlling, research & development or digital business – the development opportunities at Henkel are as diverse as our brands and technologies.

Here we control and monitor all activities along the financial value chain and ensure that processes in the Financial Services division remain best-in-class, including liquidity, risk management, tax optimization, currency management, interest management, quarterly and annual reports and investor relations. Regardless of whether you’re starting as a newcomer in your field or are looking to try out new directions as an experienced professional, we invite you to contribute to Henkel’s lasting success!

As a strong local and regional business partner, we encompass every type of financial reporting in combination with control and monitoring functions. By maintaining a high level of quality and applying first-class, end-to-end processes, we are able to achieve optimal comprehensive solutions that meet the Henkel Group’s demanding quality and time requirements. Join us on this journey to experiencing what it means to take on the challenges of a global player with a broad spectrum of products, brands, and markets.

We develop our global team by mediating skills and competences, training our teams, and recruiting new talent. This is how we drive performance culture and lay the ground for digital transformation at Henkel. Whatever we do, we do it to "Ensure successful business through the power of people, while developing a strong sense of belonging". Become part of this department and help bring out the best in our employees.

With Henkel Digital Business (dx), we have started a brand-new chapter, uniting Digital, Business Process Management, and IT expertise to solve the toughest business challenges and turning threats into opportunities. We are driven by focusing on megatrends such as Platform Economy, Consumer & Customer Gravitation Shift, Outcome-based Servitization, and Lean-Fast-Simple. Focusing on the individual customer and consumer needs, we build digital and data-driven business models to optimize, transform and disrupt. Craft the digital transformation with us.

Employees in Logistics are responsible for the organization of the supply chain (SC). Their task field encompasses the entire supply chain – from demand planning to distribution and the clients. The Supply Chain Management at Henkel goes beyond traditional boundaries. For some clients we offer Vendor-Managed-Inventory (VMI), the supplier steered management of the inventory. To optimize the processes in the supply chain, Henkel uses Supplier-Managed-Inventory (SMI). For this, suppliers give us access to their stock evaluation data and demand data.

Marketing at Henkel is very versatile, and you can either work in B2C or B2B marketing. Join one of our international or national teams or become a member of our digital marketing unit, all of which share their approach to develop sophisticated marketing solutions in a fast-moving and competitive environment. Get the chance to control the creative and media agencies for the optimum use of our media and communication budgets, use data and complex information from trends and customer preferences, or work on advertising strategies, product innovations and product relaunches.

The sales department is responsible for our distribution channels and customer relationship management. Field Service combines clear objectives and high scope for action. Supported by our wide-ranging portfolio of strong brands, you will have direct client contact and can implement campaigns with store managers of trading companies. In this department, you get a direct response to your activities and can feel the tangible impact you are having on our brands and the company.

Our key mission is to secure the best possible procurement outcomes globally, by uniting the best sourcing solutions with Henkel’s economic and strategic goals. Besides the purchasing conditions, the quality and reliability of our business partners play a significant role here.
Join our mission and experience the challenges of being a global player that is a world leader in both mature and emerging markets in the B2B as well as the B2C sector. Regardless of how and where you choose to apply yourself in our division, we have the fitting challenge for everyone who is ready to be a game changer.

The scientists and engineers at Research & Development build the foundation for Henkel’s corporate success and work in researching a large variety of areas. They provide innovative new ideas, give answers to the questions of our future customers, and improve our brands and technologies. As a member of the research and development team, you create the basis to make our brands and technologies more successful on a global scale.

As a Product Developer, you work in an international product group, e.g., hair color. You create and foster new products and implement them in the relevant markets. In addition, you work to ensure the benefits of the existing products. For that reason, it is important to have a good understanding of basic formulation principles, raw material features, and measuring methods. As part of an international and multi-disciplinary team, a distinct talent for communication is the key to working well together with colleagues from different countries and different areas of expertise.

As a Packaging Engineer at Henkel, you’ll be allocated to various international product groups and design and develop new packaging components for products and implement them in the relevant markets. In addition, you are responsible for securing and optimizing existing components. A requirement for this position is a thorough knowledge of plastic processing. As a Packaging Engineer at Henkel, you need to keep up with newest developments to secure our leading position with packaging design.

Strong trust in our company is the foundation for our entrepreneurial success, partnerships, and customer relationships. Corporate Communications is responsible for the internal and external communication of the company. We aim to build and protect Henkel’s reputation in the public eye, as well as towards specific stakeholders including journalists and opinion leaders. In Internal Communications, we provide our employees and executives with relevant information pertaining to our corporate strategy and activities. With its global reach, Corporate Communications overlooks all exchanges in the most important regions and markets worldwide.

As an engineer for Methods Engineering, you are allocated to be a part of an international product group. Within this group, you are responsible for the standardization of processes and machines with state-of-the-art technology and filling plant technology. You are a key driver for the improvement of the performance and quality, as well as the implementation of new packaging. Optimizing current processes and working more efficiently is the secret of many successful businesses; and it is also becoming increasingly important for Henkel, as we strive for more sustainable and successful business management in the future.

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