‘Eat Smart-Take Part’ Global Health Campaign

Healthy Food Day was held at the Hemel Hempstead office to kick off the 2023 Global Health Campaign.

Commitment Employees / People 15 Mar 2023

Maintaining a healthy diet is the basis for a healthy life, so Henkel’s sixth global health campaign, “Eat Smart- Take Part”, is centred on the adoption of a balanced diet to implement a healthy lifestyle. HSC UK kicked off the campaign locally by hosting a “Healthy Food Day” to encourage employees to reflect on their dietary choices and opt for healthier food decisions.  

A balanced diet is vital in providing your body with the necessary nutrients required for physical development, building immunity, and giving you the energy required to stay active throughout the day. A balanced diet has also been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, strengthen our bones and teeth, and aid weight management.

The “Eat Smart- Take Part” health campaign will run from March to November 2023, with events and activities organised throughout the year for colleagues to engage with. At the first event, Healthy Food Day featured a day of healthy eating, with a menu created in collaboration with BaxterStorey, presented alongside tips for a healthy diet.

The day began with a healthy breakfast that included fruit smoothie shots, hot food packed with protein and vegetables, and cold food filled with nutrients to provide energy at the start of the workday. A nutritious lunch was served that provided a serving of carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, and vegetables to provide a midday boost, and there was a healthy snack demonstration of protein balls and beetroot brownies which included recipe cards to encourage employees to opt for healthier snacks while showing how easy they are to prepare and incorporate into their diet.

Throughout the year, HSC will be focusing on empowering employees to make small changes that have a BIG impact on mental, physical, and social health. Some of the key tips shared at the event include:


  • Eat regularly: This helps keep your blood sugar steady, and consuming slow-release energy foods helps prevent fatigue and lethargy. Slow-release energy foods include pasta, rice, oats, nuts, and seeds.
  • Stay hydrated: This helps maintain concentration and focus throughout the day. Having 6-8 glasses of fluid a day is the healthy recommendation, and water is a low-cost option.
  • Look after your gut: Gut health tends to reflect your mental and emotional state. Stress or anxiety can slow down or speed up gut activity. For healthy digestion, consume fibre, fluid and exercise regularly. Healthy gut foods include fruits, vegetables, beans, wholegrains and live yoghurt.
  • Get your 5 a day: Vegetables and fruit contain vitamins, minerals and fibre which help us stay physically and mentally fit. Eating a variety of coloured fruits and vegetables a day will provide a good range of nutrients.

The “Eat Smart-Take Part campaign aims to reinforce a wider social commitment to sustainability reflected in the third of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which seek to ensure healthy living and the promotion of well-being for all ages. Victoria Hampstead, HSC Country Manager UK&I, reflected on this commitment, saying “Our global health campaign supports the third UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of good health and wellbeing. By supporting SDG 3, Henkel is demonstrating a commitment to creating a world where everyone has access to clean water, healthcare, and nutritious food. Our local event at the headquarters was a celebration of this commitment and a great opportunity for employees to come together in a positive way.”