Bloo’s breakthrough blocks

Bloo is championing innovation and research lead formula improvements with its new toilet in cistern blocks.

Laundry & Cleaning Sustainability 28 Feb 2023

For the past three decades, Bloo has been a staple product in British households and the brand has consistently introduced product innovations across its portfolio of rim blocks, in-cistern and liquid toilet cleaners, to benefit consumers. The recently launched toilet blocks are a breakthrough addition to the market that stand out among competitors.

In developing the design of the UK’s number one toilet hygiene brand’s one-of-a-kind blocks, in-depth consumer research has been conducted to understand market demands. Research revealed that 86% of UK households have access to their cistern, and in-cistern products generally have a 58% purchase intention. The new toilet block range has been designed in a distinct cube shape with an advanced formula that has the power to transform consumers’ cleaning regimes.

The formula has been tested against competitors and outperforms in cleaning performance, as well as in mileage. The two in one formula provides longer lasting results, refreshing fragrance and contains an anti-limescale feature that improves overall hygiene. Each pack lasts up to 800 flushes, which makes it more cost effective for consumers.

Sustainability has been paramount in the design and packaging of the toilet blocks. Henkel has a sustainability target of 100% of all packaging being recyclable or reusable by 2025, and Bloo’s toilet blocks are in line with this target. The blocks are packaged with 100% recyclable carton, 0% microplastics in the wrapping film and 30% less plastic content in the total packaging, in comparison with the previous product. The formula is also more eco-friendly as it is made with 10% more biodegradable ingredients. These sustainability strides send a signal to the industry and consumers that Bloo is committed to advancing the circular economy.

Bloo aims to disrupt the market with the new toilet blocks to recruit a new generation of users while retaining loyal consumers with the improved formula. Talking about the benefit of the product for consumers, Marketing Manager, Rebecca Bland, said “Our research has shown that we spend over a week on the toilet every year- that is 21 months in a lifetime. Given that people spend so much time there, we want to create a unique product to help look after their loo. By using our new toilet blocks they can now make sure their toilets are fresh, hygienic, and clean from the inside out.”

The toilet blocks have been well received by consumers, and awareness has been driven by social media and PR activations, with support being shown in trade magazine, The Grocer. The unique toilet blocks are a vital step in Bloo’s strategy to leading innovation within the market.

To view the claims in action, watch the informational video below.

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