How careers can be crafted at Henkel

Henkel’s Global Talent Instagram page posts a series called ‘Craft Your Career’, which showcases success stories from internships and graduate schemes, to show how candidates can build their careers and take on new challenges that could last beyond their chosen programme if they dare to make an impact.

Employees / People 29 Nov 2022

Chloe has worked within Henkel for the past three years, transitioning from her role as an intern to a business executive, by shaping her career to embrace responsibility for local and global projects.

Here’s an interview Chloe had with Henkel Talent on her career journey.

Henkel employee in front of Henkel sign

Embrace the Henkel culture and you will feel like you are a part of something great.

How did you craft your career at Henkel?

I started my career at Henkel during a year out from university, when I worked for indirect purchasing (IMS) as an intern. I learnt a lot about Henkel and purchasing by working in a global team on tenders, supplier management, and projects leading the UK and Ireland through a change of procurement platform.After my internship, I was offered a place on the graduate scheme, which gave me further insight into the business, as I worked with various departments locally and globally on projects to identify their needs, and areas for improvement. Earlier this year, I transitioned to a new role supporting the President and taking on various projects for the UK and Ireland, including a recent divestment, corporate citizenship, and managing new business requirements.

How is Henkel supporting your personal and professional development?

Henkel supports me with the range of courses on the learning hub, from the basics in purchasing, to an accredited sustainability course from IESE. In addition, I receive guidance from management on my projects and engage in regular performance reviews, providing me with tools to progress, such as the opportunity to do my project management qualification. Henkel also offers a range of incentives for my own personal development, such as the MIT programme, which offers days off for volunteering, as well as financial and product donations to charitable projects.  

What is your biggest learning takeaway, and what advice would you give to newcomers?

I have learnt the importance of honing transferable skills, especially networking. It is crucial to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself and build connections.My advice to newcomers is ‘you get what you put in’. Embrace the Henkel culture and you will feel like you are a part of something great.
Always be open to new challenges and opportunities to test yourself and you will end up building your skillset.

What are you most proud of at Henkel?

I am proud of a variety of things I’ve achieved during my three years at Henkel, from the relationships I’ve built, to the projects I’ve delivered. The launch of a new procurement platform was especially monumental as I was able to support all stakeholders, from suppliers to employees, during and after implementation.
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