Henkel’s EPIX Padded Mailer Solution receives international recyclability certification

Henkel’s EPIX Technology which offers an e-commerce packaging solution is certified compatible with recycling systems in the UK, EU, Switzerland, and Norway.

Industrial Adhesives Sustainability 25 Nov 2022

As the rise of e-commerce continues apace, there is an equally intense drive to discover more sustainable and recyclable packaging materials. By making paper a viable option for one-time shipping materials EPIX technology from Henkel has been a key breakthrough. As well as replacing multi-substrate mailers with recyclable mono-materials, EPIX padded mailers offer increased functionality, adding impact resistance without an increase in packaging weight. Now, the innovative mailer solution has received a further certification from the Institute cyclos-HTP, confirming its compatibility with sorting and recycling systems in the EU, Switzerland, Norway and the UK. The solution had already achieved OPRL certification in the UK.
“The rigorous evaluation and certification by Institute cyclos-HTP reinforces the performance and sustainability of the product concept. It provides brands with full confidence that this solution is practical and sustainable to minimise the impact of their deliveries while aligning with local recycling capabilities,” explained Christin Noack, Market Strategy Manager Europe at Henkel. “This innovative product, which features a revolutionary lightweight cushioning material in lieu of plastic bubbles, offers excellent performance and ease of packaging, with reduced processing costs compared to other packaging types. To date, over 1 billion EPIX mailers have been successfully used by several large e-commerce companies to package online goods, which shows the impact the solution is already having. Using EPIX technology facilitates recyclability of the paper and is part of Henkel’s strategy for a circular economy.”
Institute cyclos-HTP’s certification process determines the recyclability of packaging according to the proportion of the recovered recyclable material (paper fibres) that is available for production of the starting material (new paper). EPIX comprises a portfolio of technologies that enhance paper with added properties such as barrier protection, thermal insulation, and impact resistance, so that brands can benefit from superior packaging performance.