Henkel Beauty Care Professional expands with new category for the UK & Ireland

Henkel launches STMNT, a new gender-neutral grooming & care brand

Beauty 12 Jul 2022
STMNT range products on a wooden table

Over recent years, barbering and grooming has evolved into a sophisticated, lifestyle-driven sector with appeal beyond traditional, male-dominated barbers’ shops. It is also a section of the market that has expanded into daily routines, offering fantastic opportunities for companies who can innovative and offer something new.

Henkel is one of them. The beauty care professional unit has been working with a team of three creative barbers, Sofie Pok whose professional identity is Staygold (@STAYGOLD31), Julius Arriola, who is known as Julius Cvesar (@JULIUSCAESAR) and Miguel Gutierrez who operates as the Nomad Barber (@NOMADBARBER).

The creatives brought their industry experience, barbering flair and an audience of circa 500,000 on Instagram, and combined with Henkel’s expertise in new product innovation, they created a collection of 14 products.  

Emily McTavish, STMNT Brand Manager, said: “I’m really proud to launch our first co-created product range in an industry where we don’t have much of a presence. These high performing, premium products really live up to their name by creating a statement.”

Ed Mosley, Head of Sales for Beauty Care Professional in the UK & Ireland, has high hopes for the brand’s performance, in a category worth circa £1 billion+. The team is looking for barbers and gender-neutral salons with the right environment and explains: “Any stockist should feel assured they will only see STMNT in similar environments, that sit the premium end of the sector.”

As STMNT is a global brand, the investment in marketing is significant and everything about the brand has a progressive feel, from the packaging to the editorial-driven images and superb video content. Ed adds: "This should allow us to look for significant development after building a foundation this year."

About the creatives


STMNT 'Make your statement'



Julius has been working with hair for 19+ years; a respected educator and platform artist hailing from LA. He aims to share his creative vision with the world as he evolves grooming to the next level.

Julian’s three products – a shine paste, a matt paste and a hairspray - feature his signature scent, which is a twist of creamy coconut and sandalwood with inflections of orris.

Sofie Pok aka STAYGOLD (@STAYGOLD31)

Sofie is an award-winning barber and well-known educator from LA. With 12+ years doing hair, her dedication to personal growth means her technical skills are off the chart!

Sofie’s signature scent of citrus, aquatic and woody notes, has been used to in the fiber pomade, wax powder and spray powder that are part of the STMNT collection, all with a focus on creating messy styles.

Miguel Gutierrez aka NOMAD BARBER (@NOMADBARBER)

Miguel is our local star – hailing from Liverpool, he is a renowned travelling barber, photographer and filmmaker; he brings inspiration from around the world to innovate and educate. Barbering for 18+ years, his authentic passion is captivating.

Miguel’s collection of three essential products - a classic pomade, dry clay, and a grooming spray – smell rick with spices, lavender and a hit of wood.

STMNT’s range also features a five-piece line up of high-performing care products, developed specifically to care for all hair and beard types and designed to be part of a daily routine. These are a shampoo, an all-in-one cleanser, a conditioner, beard oil and a hair & body cleansing bar.

The care collection features its own signature scent: fresh citrus & lavender with tonka bean.

The making of STMNT GROOMING GOODS - Youtube