Henkel North America Continues Commitment to Educate the Next Generation

We're proud to support 35 outstanding students with scholarships via the new Henkel Diversity Scholarship and our annual Henkel Corporation Scholarship programs.

Diversity & Inclusion 19 Jul 2021

For the past forty years, Henkel has been proud to provide students who have excelled in their studies and proven to be leaders in their communities with support to pursue their educational goals. As part of this longstanding dedication to educating the next generation of students, Henkel North America has announced it will be awarding 35 outstanding students with scholarships via the Henkel Corporation Scholarship Program and the newly established Henkel Diversity Scholarship Program. Both programs are administered in partnership with Scholarship America.

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Henkel launched the Henkel Diversity Scholarship Program earlier this year as part of the company’s commitment to creating a more diverse pipeline of future workers and closing the equity gap by providing access to education for students in our communities.  The scholarship is offered to students from underrepresented populations across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico in need of financial assistance.

This year, 13 students received the renewable Henkel Diversity scholarship to help them pursue undergraduate studies at four-year institutions starting this Fall. The students were selected on the basis of academic performance, leadership in school and their community, work experience, and a character essay. The 2021 recipients are planning to study subjects ranging from computer science and engineering to global health and public policy.

The Henkel Diversity Scholarship Program is an expansion of Henkel’s ongoing support for education and increasing access to career opportunities for young people. Since 1981, Henkel has been administering the Henkel Corporation Scholarship Program to provide financial support to the children of employees in North America who have excelled in their educational endeavors and shown themselves to be leaders at school and in the community. This year, Henkel will be helping an additional 22 students pursue studies in a variety of fields, including health, business, social work and neuroscience.

“We understand the importance of education and are proud of our efforts to support the next generation in their academic endeavors,” said Steven Essick, President of Henkel North America. “By investing in these future leaders, Henkel aims to inspire them to give back to the community and help create a workplace that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive.”

To-date, Henkel has awarded more than $2.5 million in scholarships to over 800 students.

Meet the 2021 Henkel Diversity Scholarship Program and Henkel Corporation Scholarship Program recipients:

Henkel Corporation Scholarship program recipients

Varun Agarwal

Daniel Bacuyag

Jason Chen

Dasha Ewhrudjakpor

Stanford University
Computer Science
Rice University
Bioengineering (Pre-medicine)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Electrical Engineering/Physics
University of Toronto
Global Health
Henkel Corporation Scholarship program recipients

Brandon Griggs

Armita Jamshidi

Julian Lautzenheiser

Alice Le Roux

Brown University
Public Policy /
Computer Science

Cornell University
Computational Biology

University of Oklahoma
Computer Science

Stanford University

Henkel Corporation Scholarship program recipients

Mu Lei Mao

Dante Nguyen

Onovu Otitigbe-Dangerfield

Daniela Pérez

University of Waterloo
Mechatronics Engineering

University of Missouri: Columbia
Biological Engineering

Harvard University
Biomedical Engineering

University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez
Mechanical Engineering

Henkel Corporation Scholarship program recipients

Jessie Wang

Arianne Berner

Hannah Butkovich

Audrey Cox

Princeton University
Computer Science/

Saint Louis University
Physical Therapy

Missouri University of
Science & Technology
Civil Engineering

Stanly Community College
Dental Hygiene

Henkel Corporation Scholarship program recipients

Mitchell Cummings

Andrea Davis

Tierney Geoghegan

Kenneth Gordon

University of Tennessee:

Ohio State University:
Columbus Campus

University of Tampa

University of Utah
Mechanical Engineering

Henkel Corporation Scholarship program recipients

Steven Han

Alexander Harrington

Hollie Harrison

Sidney Hudnall

New York University:
Tandon School of
Computer Science

Roger Williams University

East Carolina University
Exercise Physiology

Midway University
Henkel Corporation Scholarship program recipients

Hyein Kang

Guntaas Kaur

Lenka Kristinova

Jack Kruger

California State University:
Long Beach
Business Administration

Queen’s University
Health Science

MCPHS University

University of Michigan
Henkel Corporation Scholarship program recipients

Valeria Sandoval

Sydney Schultz

Samuel Thomas

Ryan Trapnell

Mackenzie Yu

Westminster College
Social Work and Welfare

South Dakota State University
Electrical Engineering

Tufts University
International Relations

University of Kentucky

University of Akron
Biomedical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Not pictured: Carmen Davis, Appalachian State University, Communication Sciences and Disorders and Dhvani Soni, North Carolina State University, Neuroscience.