Beauty Care Professional launches ‘help your salon’ programme.

The latest response to the current crisis from Beauty Care Professional comes in the form of practical support for salons.

Beauty Commitment 14 Apr 2020

Hair and beauty salons have been hit hard by the UK and Irish lockdowns. Income streams disappeared overnight and Henkel’s beauty care professional team worked hard to find a global initiative that could be adapted locally.

Free from any brand affiliation, Henkel has shown its commitment to the professional hairdressing industry by creating websites that are open for any salon or hairdresser to use. and are websites that give any salon or freelance stylists the chance to personalise and sell digital gift vouchers, through a quick and easy registration process. There are no costs attached, and salons do not need an online shop – or even a website – to use it.

The initiative gives businesses a way to create an income stream for services to be delivered in the future when salons re-open. Salons can choose any services for their voucher offers, from a cut to colour, blow dry to balayage. There is no limit to the types or number of vouchers they generate.

“We’re committed to try and help our salons maintain a revenue stream, during this challenging economic time. This scheme helps salons retain their customer base and lets clients demonstrate their loyalty to their salon. Salons could also offer priority to customers buying a pre-paid voucher to be first back in the chair once salons re-open,” said Julian Crane, General Manager, Henkel Beauty Care Professional.

Salon owners and stylists are advised that they must seek advice from their solicitor, accountant or tax advisor and business insurer, who can provide tailored advice for individual cases to ensure income via vouchers and donations doesn’t compromise any state aid being applied for, or void your business liability insurance policy.

This initiative is a great way to ensure that your local stylists, colourists and salons survive the lockdown to help us all emerge refreshed, colourful and glamorous. Why not share it with your salon? And tell friends, relatives, acquaintances too. It’s one way to help the high street on our return to ‘normal’ and is easy to use. Here are the five steps:

  • Register on or
  • Create, or link to, an existing Business PayPal account
  • Personalise vouchers or donation cards with their logo and choice of service or amount.
  • Receive a link which they can send directly to clients or promote on social media or other marketing methods.
  • Clients receive a personalised voucher for their salon, to use once it’s back up and running and their payment goes directly to the salon's PayPal account.