Science Week – knowledge and value driven fun

From women in STEM, to the International Year of the Periodic Table, to climate change, this year, Science Week witnessed a diverse contribution from Henkel in Ireland.

Employees / People 2 Dec 2019
Science Week – knowledge and value driven fun

The annual science Week Table Quiz, organized by David Birkett, Senior Scientist at Henkel Ireland, was a great initiative to test and educate participants with questions related to Women in STEM, chemistry and climate change. The winning team was the State Labs team, who have won one of the quizzes prizes every year.

As part of TCD Chemistry Talks 2019, Jessica Ramos gave a talk in Trinity College Dublin. She shared her background and her experience working in Henkel as a Research Chemist. She included a description of Henkel’s businesses and brands with a focus on Loctite superglues – how they work, where they are used what chemical reactions make them function.

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Vincent O’Brien, Analytical Chemist, performed several demonstrations for the students of Thornleigh Educate Together National School, from Swords county Dublin. His talk was for 8-10 year olds and looked at chemistry’s role in our lives. From showing them how to bond two materials in just two seconds with Loctite, to how to make CO2 gas by combining baking soda and vinegar, to creating molecules on demand, the kids were amazed by science and what it enables us to do.

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Leveraging Science Week, a series of videos showed what it is like to work for Henkel as a Chemist. Participating in the series are Rachel Hersee, Product Development chemist; Jessica Ramos, Research Chemist; and Vincent O’Brien, Analytical Chemist. They took us through their typical day at work and demonstrated their roles, responsibilities and why they love working for Henkel.

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