University of Hertfordshire competes in the 2019 Student Formula race

Securing a top-five score is this year’s UH racing team’s goal. With Loctite’s help, they believe it’s possible.

Industrial Adhesives 28 Jun 2019

The long-standing Formula Student team at the University of Hertfordshire is once again collaborating with Loctite. The Henkel-sponsored team’s aim this year is to score a top-five finish at the racing event held on 17-21 July at Silverstone. Using Henkel’s industry-leading LOCTITE products in the racing cars helps them achieve optimal performance.

When describing his team, UH racing team leader, Ryan Clabon, said: “we are a good team with a modest budget that punches above its weight. However, due to the advances we’ve made with the 2019 car, this year we’re hoping for a top 10 finish, possibly even top five.” Competing in a 90-team competition, car evolution and performance are vital to securing a leading spot – the LOCTITE range of products is used to achieve that goal.

As with past years, one of the most commonly deployed LOCTITE products on the UH Racing car is Teromix 6700, a polyurethane-based two-part adhesive, which cures at room temperature. “We use LOCTITE® 6700 for bonding in many places, including all of the car’s aerodynamic devices, structural members, carbon-fibre suspension rods and crash structure foam panels,” says Mr Clabon.

Other than Teromix 6700, nine more LOCTITE products are used in almost every part of the car and for many purposes, from engine sensors sealers to car parts cleaners. The UH racing team has relied on LOCTITE products, support and advice since 1999. Mr. Claborn commented: “The products are easy to apply and have never let us down.”

Henkel’s support is going even further than ever, as the UH racing team will compete at the Formula Student Netherlands on 7-11 July, prior to the Silverstone competition. Other student teams are also sponsored by Henkel, including UCLAN, University of Aberdeen, University of Bath, University of Birmingham, Coventry University, University of Southampton, University of Sussex and the University of Warwick.