2 Jul 2019

Authenticity is no longer just a concept; it is now a brand

Authentic Beauty Concept Range Launched

A completely new brand for Henkel has arrived in the UK. Launched in June 2019, Authentic Beauty Concept is the latest premium, hair care and styling brand for salon professionals that uses vegan formulas in its products. It is a great example of Henkel’s continued innovation and ambition to expand in its markets.

Both trade and consumer magazines attended the new brand launch, which gave them a mix of practical information and activities focused on wellbeing. Attendees experienced a mindfulness session with Sarah Malcom, where they were guided on how to achieve relaxation and detox through music. Melissa Hemsley, one half of healthy cooking duo Hemsley & Hemsley, showed guests how to make teas inspired by the natural ingredients and flavours from the product range.

Award-winning stylist and salon owner, Joseph Ferraro, has been named as the ambassador of Authentic Beauty Concept. Joseph has been based in the UK for 15 years and has earned a reputation as a creative, inspirational hairdresser. He was also named North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year at Hairdressers Journal British Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional.

The Authentic Beauty Concept range was created as a care and styling service menu. It helps hairstylists take their clients through a unique, relaxing and spa-like journey using premium ingredients. Clients choose the right service depending not only on their needs, but also on their mood. The products are then available to purchase and take home.

A glance at Authentic Beauty Concept range:

  1. Authentic Beauty Concept Glow – for coloured hair
  2. Authentic Beauty Concept Amplify – for fine hair
  3. Authentic Beauty Concept Hydrate – for dry hair
  4. Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish – for damaged hair
  5. Authentic Beauty Concept – for all hair types
  6. Authentic Beauty Concept styling assortment

Authentic Beauty Concept has four pillars making up the brand’s essence, which drive product formulation and marketing.

Pure formulas: pure, simple and natural formulas are at the heart of Authentic Beauty Concept.

Natural ingredients are extracted by ultrasound decomposition and steam distillation, which is gentle and preserves the benefits of plants such as mango and basil leaves, just two of the delicious ingredients used. ABC uses Guar gum, a natural polymer with conditioning properties, as a key ingredient. To ensure it is sustainable, ABC supports the Sustainable Guar Initiative (SGI); a responsible sourcing programme that enhances the livelihoods of thousands of small holder Guar bean farmers in India, making Guar a caring ingredient.

A Mindful Experience: young people are conscious about their lifestyle and its effect on the environment, and ABC matches that attitude. The premium products used in salon create a mindful moment for customers and are designed to bring out natural beauty.

‘No Filter’ attitude: it’s about ‘being yourself’, direct and open. ABC’s viewpoint is that individuality and character are what gives us beauty and ABC products enhance rather than radically change the hair’s appearance.

Authentic Hair: it’s about what you don’t see that matters – using products that help the hair in a natural way, invisibly styling to give an effortless, touchable look and feel.

Lorraine Makumbe, Junior Trade Marketing Manager, said: “Authentic Beauty Concept is not just about selling products; it's the whole concept of creating a generation of people who are not afraid to be themselves and embrace the ‘no-filter’, ‘no touch-up’ and ‘be authentic’ attitude.”

Natural ingredients used in Authentic Beauty Concept products

Joseph Ferraro presenting his work using ABC

The glow collection from Authentic Beauty Concept