4 Oct 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel and Netatmo bring data-driven sustainability to production sites

IoT tech effortlessly gives weather data and helps save energy

Henkel and smart home company, Netatmo, announce today the positive sustainability result of implementing smart home technology to their manufacturing plants. Henkel uses Netatmo’s Smart Home Weather Stations in all of its 31 Laundry & Home Care factories to correlate weather data with potential procedures and changes to their manufacturing processes.

Through easily available products like Netatmo’s, factories can plan by analyzing their current situation and derive appropriate measures for energy and utility consumption programs. “We see potential to reduce our global energy consumption by 3 to 5 percent until 2020, when fully leveraging the insights and integrate them into our processes”, said Johannes Holtbrügge, Senior Manager Digital Transformation at Henkel.

For example, at its production in Düsseldorf, Henkel increased the burner efficiency of its spray tower for producing power detergents by five percent. Additionally, the company optimized the process for the gas burner for the tower and the temperature control along the entire drying process.

Fred Potter, CEO of Netatmo added: “This shows yet another way our products can help communities beyond home customers. In this case, our sensors can help Henkel achieve its commitment to sustainability.”

How does it work?

The Smart Home Weather Station consists of two components: an indoor and an outdoor module. Henkel uses the smart device to analyze the outside temperature, humidity and relative air pressure at the company’s production sites and correlate the data with energy consumption. The stations connect with Henkel’s monitoring system through the Netatmo API (app programmable interface) to retrieve, process and analyze the data against other factors inside the factories.

The purpose is to give Henkel data to understand the impact weather has on energy and utility consumption. As a result, limited natural resources such as gas and water can be used in a more efficient and sustainable way. The weather stations do not only contribute to Henkel’s sustainability strategy but also add value to its product quality: for example, gathered data helps to better predict changes to the production area and its materials due to humidity. This is particularly important for products that are highly sensitive to these factors, e.g. dishwasher tabs.

About Netatmo
Netatmo is a leading smart home company creating simple, beautiful smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home. The company’s ambition is to bring useful technology, to the most intimate place you own. In order to pursue this goal, Netatmo follows four commitments that embody the company’s DNA:

  • Durable design: no planned obsolescence.
  • Privacy at its core: from the conception phase, we ensure that we can guarantee data protection.
  • Useful & reliable: our products make your life easier.
  • Thoughtful notifications: we notify you only when it is important.

Since 2012, Netatmo has launched thirteen devices and accessories to meet the main demands of the smart home industry. The company offers different solutions to automate the home and make life easier, from its first product in 2012 to today. In addition to its main product range, Netatmo collaborates with key industrial leaders with its “with Netatmo” program to expand its reach and continue to grow strategically with smart integrated solutions that fit in your home’s infrastructure. Thanks to this strategy, Netatmo can bring simpler, easier and better home experiences.

Henkel implements Netatmo’s smart home technology in its manufacturing plants.

Henkel implements Netatmo’s smart home technology in its manufacturing plants.

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