20 Apr 2018

Schwarzkopf Professional

Introducing The Collective

Schwarzkopf Professional upweights the strategic importance of digital media in 2018 and strengthens its digital profile with new era of influencer-based opportunities with latest influencer programme, The Collective.

The Collective is an exclusive team of 12 digitally-active Schwarzkopf Professional hairdressers from the UK and Ireland, all of whom produce beautiful, relevant and engaging social media. As part of The Collective, they will enjoy exclusive opportunities and education, to help establish them as the next generation of hairdressing influencers.

The Collective will receive a host of impressive benefits, including regular hands-on workshops covering social media skills and photography, previews and samples of product launches, tickets to relevant industry events, opportunities to assist backstage at Schwarzkopf Professional events, a photography kit, access to new product launches ahead of the market and membership of Creative Head's Coterie, The Fellowship for British Hairdressing and State Registration.

In return, Schwarzkopf Professional will benefit from exclusive content produced by The Collective, as well as exciting and engaged brand champions - who are genuinely proud to spread the word for the brand, both in their salons and beyond.

Stuart Hamid, General Manager, Henkel Beauty Care Professional, says: "We recognise that a new generation of talented stylists are building their profiles online - social media platforms are their stage. Schwarzkopf Professional embraces the new movement and is supporting those professionals with top-level opportunities that will enable them to become fully-fledged industry influencers."

The Collective

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The Collective enjoyed their first meeting at Shoreditch Platform in London. On their first day together, the team were given a social media masterclass and gained an insight into professional photography to enhance their Instagram feeds. They also had the opportunity to network with key members of the trade press, who were invited along on the day to meet and get to know the team.

With quarterly events scheduled and a packed calendar of opportunities already lined up, Schwarzkopf Professional is confident that The Collective are the perfect people to support the brand and the industry as it looks forward to another century of innovation, inspiration and fantastic hairdressing.