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My Collection guide

Find out how to use the My Collection feature on the Henkel website!

Click through our picture galleries to find out which content you can add, how to select your favourites and which options you have on your individual My Collection page.

And then create your own collection of henkel.com content – for yourself or to share with others!

Which content can you add and how to do it?

While browsing on the Henkel website use the „Add to my collection“ icon in the header to select news, press releases and capital market information as well as pages like brand information or jobs that you would like to include on your My Collection page.

To add single downloads, images, videos and contacts to your personal collection, directly click on the "Add to my collection" button of the respective element.

After adding pages or single elements to your collection you will be notified when the element has been added successfully.

What can you do on the My Collection page?

Click on "Options" to sort, download or remove your selected content elements.

Click on "Move" to place the elements of one content grouping in your favourite order.

The "Download all" button gives you the opportunity to download all elements of the same content type with only one click.

To delete your selected elements, click on "Remove".

You would like to share your collection with business partners, colleagues or friends? Just click on „Create link“ to forward the page via email.