Duta's Career Path

What role does the use of technology play in your career?
Leveraging technology allows me to focus on the things that truly matter so that we can achieve more with less. For example, take the task of analyzing hundreds of products across different customers. In this case, we can use statistical forecasts for relatively stable products. That means we can focus more time on forecasting the highly volatile products. As a result, we can improve our accuracy and efficiency, and – most importantly – eliminate human bias from the results.

How do you spark enthusiasm for new technologies in a team?
First, simplify the complex “tech” concept and communicate it in easy-to-understand, “layman’s” terms to the team. Secondly, get them involved and engaged in designing the implementation, whenever possible. Lastly, emphasize how it will benefit them in their work and enable business growth on a larger scale.

How is your life in Shanghai different from that in Sydney?
Coming with zero level of Chinese language ability, it wasn’t easy to get things done initially — both personally and professionally. However, it has gotten much better over time. The ease with which you can make mobile payments and do online shopping has really made life so much less stressful for me. I barely need my wallet or cards when I go outside of the house here.  On top of that, the adaptability and agility of Chinese people and society is arguably far greater than anywhere else in the world.

Which step has been the most impactful one for your own development?
I would say taking on the overseas assignment in the regional HQ. It not only broadened my worldview, but also exposed me to many more complex problems. For example, I was challenged with turning around key KPIs that had been declining for a year with one of our major customers in China whilst also having to build a new team and process from scratch.

What is truly unique about Henkel?
Henkel is a place where you can roll-up your sleeves, challenge the status quo and get rewarded and have fun while doing it!