Dylon dyes have brought colour to the wardrobes, homes and lives of people the world over for more than 70 years. As experts in colour we make it easy to revive your favourite pair of jeans or to easily update your home furnishings. With Dylon a whole spectrum of possibilities awaits you.

Choose from:

Dylon Machine Dyes, Dylon Hand Dyes, Dylon Wash & Dye and additional dye products.

Dyes available in:

Intense Black, Navy Blue, Smoke Grey, Tulip Red, Ocean Blue, Deep Violet, Espresso Brown, Forest Green, Jeans Blue, Fresh Orange, Tropical Green, Passion Pink, Vintage Blue, Dusty Violet, Olive Green, Plum Red, Rosewood Red, Sandy Beige, Peony Pink, Sunflower Yellow, Emerald Green and Paradise Blue*

*Please note that some colour names may vary per country.

Did you know?

The dyeing process with DYLON Machine Dyes with 3 warm wash cycles consumes 60 litres of water. The production of a single pair of new jeans consumes about 8000 litres of water – primarily for the production of cotton and the irrigation of the fields.

Click here to see our partnership with the responsible fashion designer Christopher Raeburn on an upcycling 101.

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This brand is available in the UK and Ireland