Cleanliness and freshness Bloo provides your toilet with long-lasting hygiene protection every day. A hygienically clean and fresh toilet with every flush!

Expert in fragrance cleaning from rim blocks to in-cistern, Bloo’s fragrance-full aromas help make your loo the Best Seat in the House – Freshens, Protects and Shine.

Choose from:
Rim Blocks – “freshen”
Bloo innovative rim blocks combines design and function in one with its unique 4 function formula:

Cleaning Foam cleans the toilet with every flush
Anti-Limescale formulation helps prevent limescale forming
Dirt Protection helps to prevent resoling
Extra Freshness gives a long-lasting fresh scent in the bathroom

Premium fragrance blend for an everlasting enjoyable toilet moment.

Bloo colour Active / Power Active / Pro Nature / Fragrance switch 

In Cistern – “Protect”
Cleans from the toilet cistern to the bowl with every flush!

Each pack contains single, two or three in cistern blocks.
Cleans from the cistern to bowl with every flush and turns your water coloured.
Bloo in-cistern range removes limescale, lasts up to 8 weeks and provides plenty of coloured water and fragrance to ensure a long-lasting, thorough clean.

Original & Bleach / Bleach / Jasmin & Violet / Citrus Lemon / Power Core 

Fragrance Cleaners – “Shine” 
Intensive deep clean and let your toilet shine! Can’t stand the smell of bleach? Bloo’s perfumed toilet gel contains essential oils and removes limescale. 

Bloo total hygiene & shine toilet gel removes all limescale and dirt, even under the waterline
The result is a perfectly clean and fresh toilet, leaving an impressive fragrance.
For regular maintenance and sanitation, use Bloo Total Fragrance Cleaner weekly.
To prevent against further build up of dirt, lime scale and maintain freshness in your loo, use Bloo rim blocks.

Flower Burst / Lemon Zing / Ocean Mist

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This brand is available in the UK and Ireland