Combining cleanliness and freshness Bloo provides your toilet with long-lasting hygiene protection  every day. A hygienically clean and fresh toilet with every flush!

Choose from:

Bloo Power Active Fresh Flowers, Lemon or Lavender Rim Blocks
An innovative rim block which combines design and function in one. Every ball is loaded with a perfumed core that has +40% fragrance freshness Vs the outer shell, giving a boost of fragrance from the first to the last flush.

A four-action formulation:

  • Cleaning Foam
  • Anti-Limescale
  • Dirt Protection
  • Extra Freshness

Bloo Colour Active Fresh Flower, Bleach, Lavender or Ocean Rim Blocks
Combining power balls and blue water technology, actively cleaning between flushes. A hygienically clean and fresh toilet with every flush! Safe for use in septic tanks

In Cistern Blocks, each block lasting up to 4 weeks.
Producing foamy water in your toilet when you flush.

  • Original Blue Water
  • Citrus Clear Water
  • Bleach Clear Water

Bloo Liquid Toilet Cleaners, 100% anti-Limescale

  • Flower Burst, Pink
  • Lemon Zing, Yellow
  • Seal Breeze, blue
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