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Combining cleanliness and freshness Bloo provides your toilet with long-lasting hygiene protection  every day.

Choose from:

Bloo Power Active Lemon, Bleach or Fresh Flowers – with their four action formulation –

  • Cleaning Foam
  • Anti-Limescale
  • Dirt Protection
  • Extra Freshness

“Bloo Blue Active Bleach and Fresh Flowers – the new innovation that combines power ball and blue water technology allowing consumers to have blue water even for toilets with built-in cisterns. “

Bloo Duo-Active Lemon, Lavender or Odor Stop -

  • Unique Dual-Chamber Design
  • Effective Cleaning & Fragrance

In addition, Bloo offers Toilets Cleaners – with their 10x effect formulation choose from –

  • Bloo 10x Effect Production Shield 750ml
  • Bloo 10x Effect Ultimate White & Shine 750ml
  • Bloo 10x Effect Anti-Limescale 750ml

Now there is an easier way to a clean and fresh toilet!

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