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Corporate Citizenship

Social engagement is part of our sense of responsibility and firmly embedded in our corporate values.

Social engagement – or corporate citizenship – has always been an integral part of our sense of responsibility as a company. This is a tradition that dates back to our founder, Fritz Henkel, and is firmly embedded in our corporate values. Together with our employees, retirees, customers and consumers, Henkel and the Fritz Henkel Stiftung are able to support sustainable social projects around the world. They both support activities in the areas of social needs, education and science, fitness and health, arts and culture, and the environment.

We have structured our activities around four core elements as below. Additional information in English on henkel.com

Corporate Volunteering: Voluntary social engagement of our employees and retirees

Social Partnerships: Henkel as a company promoting social projects around the world

Brand Engagement: Henkel brands supporting social projects worldwide

Emergency Aid: Immediate aid to people placed in urgent need by natural catastrophe

Corporate Citizenship UK & Ireland

This year, our Henkel UK and Ireland charity of the year was Guide Dogs in the UK and The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind in Ireland. After 12 months of fantastic fundraising events, and a great effort by everyone, enough has been raised to name and sponsor two Guide Dog puppies.

Henkel Ireland’s Big Bake Off

A huge number of events have been taking place in Ireland during 2014 for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, and they recently culminated with a bake sale, followed by Lizzy B’s Big Bake Off.

“So far this year, we have taken part in the Dublin staff relay, a sponsored staff football match, a walking challenge and our ‘taste of Dublin’ event,” said Linda Sheridan, Culture Based Safety Champion. “Excitement built around the Bake Off, and we were pleased to have more than 30 staff members baking for our bake sale. It was a really fantastic final fundraising push.”

Charity Shop to benefit Guide Dogs

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association provides a range of mobility services for blind and partially sighted people. After spending several months training Oban (pictured) for service as a guide dog, Henkel employee Phil Harris was also able to support the charity by providing MIT funding for a thrift shop in Warwickshire, England, in March 2014. All of the proceeds from items sold go directly to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.


8,238,000 euros for donations worldwide.


We support 284 days time off from work for employee-initiated projects.


More than 1,358,108 people supported.


In total, we have supported more than 2,265 projects.

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