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Management Executive Committee UK and Ireland

At Henkel Limited, the duties of the board of directors are performed by the UK and Irish Management Executive Committees. This comprises of the personally liable managing directors plus other duty appointed members.

The UK and Irish Management Executive Committees work closely together for the good of the Company. They consult upon the strategic direction of the Company within the UK and Ireland regions and regularly consult on the progress being made in its implementation.

Liam Murphy


Henkel UK and Ireland

Vice President SHE, Adhesive Technologies 

Peter Budden

Head of Finance

UK, Ireland and Norden 

Eamonn Gallagher

Director of Product Optimisation

Packaging & Consumer Goods, Adhesives 

Mike Peacock

Head of SHE Compliance / Manager Key Infrastructure Projects 

Stuart Hamid

General Manager

Henkel Beauty Care (Professional)

Mark Crane

General Manager

Beauty Care (Retail)

Sutinder Bhandal

Head of Legal

UK, Ireland and Norden 

Pamela Glatz

Head of IT

UK, Ireland & Norden 

Cliff Stubbs

Managing Director, UK and Ireland

Spotless Punch

(General Manager, UK
Laundry and Homecare)

Robert Larsen

Head of Human Resources

UK, Ireland & Norden 

Global Management Board