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Blondes expect real blonde perfection and an individual, unique result.

But uneven bases and delicate hair structures are just some of the challenges on the way to blonde perfection. This is why we created BlondMe.

BlondMe, now powered by the Advanced Bonding System, is the only colour and care brand truly dedicated to blondes. With BlondMe, you can be whatever blonde you want to be: Confident. Powerful. Individual. Iconic.

BlondMe is the first colour and care brand with Advanced Bonding System for superior blonde hair quality, even in the most challenging situations. The integrated Bonding Technology offers perfect blonde results in 3 steps: Bond Protection, Bond Creation and Bond Maintenance.

Unbeatable 9 levels of lift from BlondMeBond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+, with integrated Bonding Technology. Powerful yet protective BlondMe minimises hair breakage during the lightening and lifting process for superior blonde hair quality.

With easy, ready-to-use products our unique colour range offers maximum customisation to meet clients' individual wishes and hair type. The 1st customised blonde care range is especially formulated to care for the delicate structure of blonde hair.

Cover the latest blonde trends and overcome any blonde challenge with our iconic looks and techniques.

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