21-Dec-2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel provides leading solutions for metal packaging

Supplier of choice for can manufacturing

To shape the metal into its iconic form, several steps are needed and with them lubricants, coolants and cleaners. With a 40-year market leadership in the metal packaging industry, Henkel provides technologies that enable the production of metal packaging, from beverage to food cans and to aerosol containers.

Beverage can process

Henkel’s technologies are applied at the beginning of the beverage can process.

The company’s leading market position worldwide shows that metal packaging customers put their trust in to the company delivers outstanding service and innovative technologies to improve efficiencies and reduce the spoilage of its broad customer base on a global scale. Key for success are productivity-boosting and sustainable solutions that enable can manufacturers to keep up with incredible line speeds and individual plants producing over 10 million cans each day and over 4 billion cans each year.

The latest lubricant and cooling technologies in the Bonderite L-FM series allow can manufacturers to improve both their productivity and sustainability. With an improved biostable formulation, which prevents spoilage, the products increase machine capacities to 3,000 cans per minute, while reducing scrap rates by more than half.

The Bonderite single pack cleaner provides a sustainable and innovative alternative cleaner for can manufacturers. Normally, the customer requires two products: an acid cleaner and a fluoride etchant. The Bonderite single pack cleaner, true to its name, combines both of these products into one, meaning the customer doesn’t need to store and handle acid for this purpose in their own facility. Also, Henkel has improved the formulation so that less fluoride is needed. This reduces the amount that must be removed from the waste stream at the end of the process.