24-Oct-2016  Düsseldorf

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Joining forces to protect the planet and ensure prosperity

Today, October 24, is United Nations Day. A good reason to reflect on how governments and civil society, as well as companies like Henkel, can join forces to drive progress toward ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – which were adopted by the 193 UN Member States one year ago – provide a strong foundation for these efforts.

A common understanding

The 17 SDGs chart the road ahead on major global challenges, and identify the key areas of focus until 2030. They cover the full breadth of sustainability-related issues and create a common understanding of how governments, civil society and businesses of all sizes and from all industries can contribute to sustainable development. The SDGs will help structure discussions at national and industry levels, and support organizations in identifying priorities and entering into meaningful collaboration. This type of collective action is centrally important to success: By joining forces, we will be able to achieve much stronger progress toward sustainability than we could by acting separately.

Our contributions

At Henkel, we are actively supporting the achievement of the SDGs. We have been following the developments around the SDGs closely, and continuously reviewing the targets and initiatives that make up our sustainability approach to ensure they reflect the priorities set out by the UN goals. Have a look at some examples in our picture gallery to see how Henkel is contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals!

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