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27-Sep-2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

The future packaging industry

Henkel presents its product innovations at the FachPack trade fair

Packaging adhesives need to comply with food safety requirements while also satisfying key efficiency and performance criteria. As a leading solution provider for adhesive technologies, Henkel will be showing how this is done with new products and innovations at FachPack, the European trade fair for packaging solutions being held in Nuremberg, Germany, from 27 through 29 September next.

Open Slideshow Technomelt Cool 190 in Kartonverpackungen

Because of its strong adhesion and impressive temperature resistance, Technomelt Cool 190 offers a wide application window.

Open Slideshow

A large number of food packages contain adhesives developed with Henkel’s renowned expertise and know-how.

The trade fair enables companies to showcase their products and technologies for the packaging industry. Whether consumer or occupational safety, quality or sustainability – Henkel scores with expertise covering a wide range of applications. One example is a new allround-paste under the Technomelt brand. Offering strong adhesion and impressive temperature resistance, its range of uses is extensive. A low processing temperature of around 120 to 150° C also contributes to enhanced workplace safety.

Henkel’s commitment to the sustainability and environmental compatibility of its products is epitomized in the new Technomelt detergent Cleaner Pure. Its low hazard classification and risk potential ensure both reduced impact on the environment and enhanced occupational safety. Further products such as a heat-seal coating from the Loctite Liofol range or a packaging adhesive under the same familiar Henkel brand offer similarly extensive benefits, including reduced material and energy consumption plus excellent processing speed and quality.