02-Jun-2016  Perm / Russia

Inauguration of extended production and logistic center for Laundry & Home Care

Henkel launches new investment in Russia

With the new investment project of more than 30 million euros, Henkel reaffirms its commitment to Russia. The plant in Perm is one of the largest manufacturers of laundry detergents in Russia – it aims to serve cities across Russia and most of the CIS countries. Now, the expanded automatized warehouse and new production facilities were officially inaugurated.

“Henkel has been present in Russia for 25 years. Since 1990 we have opened nine local plants in Russia, offering new innovative products, bringing new local employment and driving further development of the region”, said Günter Thumser, President Henkel CEE. “By opening our new extended automated logistic center and new production facilities in Perm – one of the most important regions for us – we will be closer to our customers and consumers in the region and can better adapt our operations and products to their needs and market demand. Russia is a very important market for Henkel and our ongoing investments demonstrate our long-term and clear commitment to Russia.”

With the new buildings, the production and logistics area of the plant has increased by 16,000 square meters. By expanding the production capacity for liquids products and extending the fully automatized high-bay warehouse, Henkel took relevant measures, in order to meet market demands for the coming decade. This technological upgrade will double the production volume of liquid products in the Perm plant and speed up warehouse capabilities by 30 percent. At its plant in Perm, Henkel produces products of the brands Persil, Laska, Vernel, DENI, Pemolux, Losk, Pril, Pemos, Bref and E.

About Henkel in Russia

Henkel Russia was founded in 1990. Today, it operates nine plants, 15 offices and employs about 2,800 people. Over the last ten years Henkel has invested more than 290 million euros in Russia.