20-May-2016  Düsseldorf / Germany

His fourth term will last until 2018

Boris Tasche reelected IVK President

Boris Tasche, Head of Transaction Services at Henkel Adhesive Technologies, has been reelected President of the IVK – the German Adhesives Association – with 95 percent of the vote from members present at its annual conference.

At the regular election of officers which took place in Berlin last Friday, Boris Tasche received enough votes to take him into his fourth term and through to 2018 as president.

In other elections, all the Henkel candidates were likewise reelected to their former positions. Rainer Schönfeld, Head of Innovation Portfolio Management at Henkel Adhesive Technologies, was elected Chairperson of the Technical Committee, which automatically makes him too a member of the IVK Executive.

Hartmut Urbath represents Henkel in the Technical Commission for Building Adhesives, Jürgen Lotz sits on the Technical Commission for Wood Adhesives, Nils Hellwig is a member of the Technical Commission for Household, Hobby & Office Adhesives, Michael Schürmann sits on the Technical Commission for Adhesive Tapes, Eckhard Pürkner is a member of the Technical Commission for Paper/Packaging Adhesives, and Stefan Kreiling sits on the Technical Commission for Structural Bonding & Sealing.

The German Adhesives Association

The German Adhesives Association (IVK: “Industrieverband Klebstoffe”) is an organization that celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and is comprised of more than 100 companies. The German adhesives industry is the global leader, with more than ten percent of global market share.