06-Jan-2016  Warsaw / Poland

Laundry & Home Care in Poland

„E“ for exceptional

Double-digit growth rates, successful implementation of the acquired brand “E” and a highly productive factory – as the No. 1 on the Polish market, Laundry & Home Care can look back on an exceptionally successful year 2015.

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Marcin Szarek, shift foreman, and Helena Buks, packaging team leader

Marcin Szarek, shift foreman, and Helena Buks, packaging team leader, in the Ratibor laundry detergents factory.

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Markus Raunig, General Manager Laundry & Home Care Poland

Markus Raunig, General Manager Laundry & Home Care Poland.

“For us, 2015 was a record year. We were able to grow much faster than the market – almost twice as fast, in fact,” says Markus Raunig. The General Manager Laundry & Home Care Poland also knows what this success is due to: Innovations such as Silan Soft & Oils and Persil Duo Caps, which were very well received on the market, plus the good marketing strategy for these products. Trustful relationships with retail partners that had been built up over many years played a major role here.

Of course, all of this could not have been achieved without a powerful and a very diverse team, Raunig says. “We have new recruits and experienced staffers, juniors and seniors, expats and local people all working together and benefiting from each other. For me, this is a huge success driver.” The team combined fresh views and new ideas with local know-how to develop the best strategies. One example is the integration of the Polish laundry detergent and fabric softener brand “E”. This brand was already well-known, but it did not have a very modern image. “With new, international concepts we manage to revitalize the brand in a very short time and make it more successful than ever,” explains Raunig.

A great deal of the credit for this success goes to the cooperation with the laundry detergents factory in Ratibor. “They have high service levels there. Besides the good communication, the employees are exceptionally flexible and respond quickly to new demands.” Moreover, the factory operates cost-efficiently and sustainably. These excellent practices were confirmed externally in 2011 through certification to the Energy Management System standard ISO 50001 – as the first Henkel production site worldwide to obtain this.