02-Sep-2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Discover some of Henkel’s powerful innovations

Henkel strengthened top brands in second quarter 2015

Henkel is constantly investing in innovation and brand equity as strong, recognized brands generate higher margins and drive the company’s performance in highly competitive global markets. Last year, the share of sales generated by the company’s top 10 brands increased from 57 percent to 59 percent of total sales. The top three brands – Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite – generated around 5 billion euros.

Successful innovations are key in all business units. In 2014, more than 45 percent of sales in the Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care business units came from products launched within the last three years. In the Adhesive Technologies business, the share of sales from products launched within the last five years increased to more than 30 percent.

Henkel continues to strengthen its top brands this year. Here are a few powerful innovations introduced by the company in the second quarter of 2015:

Persil Power-Mix Caps: Persil sets a new standard in the rapidly growing market of pre-portioned detergents with its new Persil Power-Mix Caps. The unique combination of concentrated power gel and powder booster in a convenient duo-chamber cap offers the best performance in the segment with superiority on bleachable stains such as red wine, coffee or blueberry juice. The new Persil Power-Mix Caps are to be rolled out to more than 20 countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

Taft Ultimate: The Schwarzkopf brand, 3 Wetter Taft, celebrates 60 years of styling success and brand history with the introduction of its new styling line, Ultimate. Thanks to the unique formula with a liquid crystal gloss effect and with ultimate-hold polymers, the new products give hair luxurious radiant shine and the best Taft holding power ever – 100 percent hold that lasts up to 48 hours.

Bonderite M-NT 20120: The next generation conversion coating Bonderite M-NT 20120 provides customers in various industries with increased flexibility and efficiency coupled with enhanced sustainability. This phosphate-free multimetal pretreatment technology effectively protects steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces against flash rust. Bonderite M-NT 20120 reduces process complexity and thus enables faster cycle times while cutting energy consumption and waste.

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