24-Jul-2015  Indiana / United States

Kenra Professional backs new hair-saving technologies

Partnership with the Rapunzel Project® supports chemotherapy patients

Henkel’s professional hair care brand, Kenra Professional®, is supporting a unique technology created to help save hair follicles during chemotherapy treatment. Cold Cap therapy, invented by Dr. Frank Fronda, is being used globally and helps reduce the amount of hair loss in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Before a patient undergoes a chemotherapy treatment, plastic gel caps chilled to negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit (negative 30 degrees Celcius) are placed on top of the scalp to freeze the hair bulbs, helping to reduce the amount of chemo drugs that reach the hair follicles. When tested, Cold Caps have a very high success rate, in fact, 90 percent of patients who used Cold Caps during their chemotherapy treatments did not experience a sizable amount of hair loss.

Kenra Professional has backed Cold Cap therapy and recently partnered with the Rapunzel Project, a non-profit organization which supports Cold Cap therapy. Kenra Professional donated $50,000 to the cause and encourages stylists who use Kenra brand products to support Cold Cap therapy awareness. Kenra Professional would also like to provide information on hospitals with freezers and Cold Caps for patients undergoing treatment.

To learn more about Kenra Professional and its involvement with Cold Cap therapy, visit www.rapunzelproject.org or www.facebook.com/KenraProfessionalRapunzelProject.