16-Apr-2015  Turkey

Turkish customers vote for Gliss Million Gloss

Gliss Million Gloss is Best Hair Care Product of the Year

Customers in Turkey voted Gliss Million Gloss as the number one brand, according to the Watsons Beauty and Personal Care ranking. Watsons, one of the world’s leading beauty and personal care chains, selects the best products among the top-selling products, defined by consumers’ votes, annually.

The fact that Gliss Million Gloss was ranked number one in the hair care category thanks to its “innovation power,” emphasizes the product’s quality. Gliss Million Gloss won against strong Turkish hair care brands in subcategories such as dry shampoo, hair care oil, argan oil and liquid hair cream.

“Beauty Care is regularly investing in its product portfolio, focusing on top brands and superior innovations, and bringing the best global innovations to Turkey in order to deliver this great performance,” said Hasan Alemdar, Henkel Turkey President. “Gliss Million Gloss was introduced to Turkish customers as one of these innovations and is a growth motor of our Beauty Care business unit.”

“We are a big team fighting to achieve big targets. Everyone’s individual contribution strengthens our brand,” said Menekşe Yüksel, Gliss Senior Brand Manager.

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