28-May-2014  Yantai / China

Henkel China employees lend a helping hand

Volunteering at the Henkel Hope Primary School in Yantai

Henkel Asia-Pacific continues to provide support to the Henkel Hope Primary School in Yantai, Shandong Province, that was established as part of the Make an Impact on Tomorrow (MIT) initiative in 2001.

With financial aid, together with the fundraising efforts of the local government, the school construction was successfully completed and opened in 2001. Henkel continues to provide support to the school in many ways. In 2009, for example, Henkel donated further funds to address the heating issues that the building had during the winter. In addition, Henkel employees from the Yantai office also helped to collect winter clothes that were donated to the students, while some MIT volunteers also gave lectures at the school. In 2013, an additional improvement was made when Henkel donated funds for the renovation of the school’s kitchen, thereby ensuring that proper and nutritious meals were provided to the 230 students.

Furthermore, a Henkel delegation led by Faruk Arig, President of Henkel Greater China, visited the Henkel Hope Primary School to deliver 38 sets of computers prepared by the IT department for use in the school’s computer room. In addition, the Henkel delegation also brought books and stationary that was collected by employees at Henkel’s Yantai site. After touring the outdated building, the Henkel delegation promised to continue in their efforts to upgrade the school’s facilities.

Henkel lived up to their pledge with the support of the Yantai site maintenance team that sealed the doors and windows of the classrooms using Henkel adhesive products. Furthermore, new tables and chairs were delivered to the school to replace the current classroom furniture that had been in use for more than a decade.

Both the teachers and students at the Henkel Hope Primary School showed their deepest appreciation for the efforts of the Henkel team.

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