29-Apr-2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

International Final of the Henkel Innovation Challenge

Team spirit and creativity from around the world

Teams from 21 different countries met for the International Final of the seventh “Henkel Innovation Challenge.” For three days, the students competing in Düsseldorf presented their innovative product concepts for the year 2050. Team spirit, fun and career talks with Henkel managers were also on the agenda.

Open Slideshow 21 Teams aus der ganzen Welt beim internationalen Finale der siebten Henkel Innovation Challenge

At the international final of the seventh Henkel Innovation Challenge 21 teams from all over the world presented their product ideas for the year 2050.

Open Slideshow Die drei bestplatzierten Teams freuen sich über ihren Sieg und die Preise.

The three winning teams were delighted both with their achievement and the prizes they received.

Open Slideshow Beim gemeinsamen Graffiti-Sprayen lernten sich die Teilnehmer der Henkel Innovation Challenge besser kennen.

A joint graffiti spraying session enabled the participants of the Henkel Innovation Challenge to get better acquainted.

Open Slideshow Bei der Segway-Tour

The students enjoyed themselves immensely during the segway tour along the Rhine.

The beginning of April saw 42 students meet for the international final of the Henkel Innovation Challenge (HIC), held this year under the slogan “Create. Learn. Grow.” The occasion allowed them not only to improve their skills and knowledge, but also to gain an insight into the world of Henkel. Augmenting the concept presentations, business plan budget negotiations and discussions with the Henkel managers, the program arranged for the participants also included various team-building activities. The students allowed their creativity free reign at a joint graffiti spraying session and were also able to get better acquainted during a segway tour along the Rhine. The HIC highpoint was the award ceremony held against the backdrop of a gala dinner. “For me, the best thing was the international atmosphere. I have met many interesting people who I will never forget,” says Dominik Benger of the team “RIT” from Croatia.
The Croatian team comprising Dominik Benger and Daren Perincic won the competition, impressing the jury with their innovative “Schwarzkopf H Design,” a hairspray with a customizable app. Its purpose is to enable consumers to adapt their hairstyle to their individual requirements. Thanks to nanoparticles contained in the spray, hair can be transformed in just a few seconds to become, for example, full of curls or completely straightened. The concepts of the teams that came second and third were also impressive for their imagination and creativity. Jaasim Polin and Sarah Mustafa from Qatar took second prize with “Diadermine Allure,” an idea for an innovative skin cream. Geetika Goel and Mayank Nandwani from India came in third with a sustainable surface coating concept for the automotive industry.

Once again this year, the Henkel Innovation Challenge attracted students of various disciplines, with applicants from a total of 30 countries including Brazil, China, the USA, France and India submitting their ideas for the competition. Since its inception, around 30,000 students from around the world have participated in the HIC. And, with the next starting date in fall 2014, the eighth edition of the Henkel Innovation Challenge is also not far off.



Henkel Innovation Challenge 7 - International Final Düsseldorf

Do you still need one more good reason why you shouldn't miss the chance to participate in the upcoming Henkel Innovation Challenge 8? Watch the video of the international final of the HIC 7, which took place in Duesseldorf, Germany. And be inspired by the experiences of students and Henkel managers from 30 countries in 5 continents. In the last 7 years more than 30.000 students around the world already participated in the Henkel Innovation Challenge. Thanks for the amazing time we had together in Düsseldorf!

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