Henkel aims at building relationships with selected partners in order to develop its innovative business. We are therefore looking for strategic partnerships with a broad range of target groups. Especially in the area of innovation, we invite you to become our partner, share your ideas for the next innovation with us and help us improve the daily life of people across the globe.

We at Henkel recognize the talent and creativity that is held by partners outside our company. In order to put these talents to good use and start a successful business partnership, we actively seek for new technologies, product ideas, patents and other intellectual property that helps us to make our products and business models better. Consequently, Henkel does not only focus on professional external innovators, but also students and customers. We engage in partnerships with business partners and suppliers but also follow many other innovation activities to generate new ideas and develop innovative products:

  • Traditional R&D
  • Technology scouting
  • Crowdsourcing
  • University partnerships